Unbelievable language resource

I have just discovered the WALS Online (World Atlas of Language Structures) that allows you to search through the world’s languages in a whole plethora of ways. You can look at individual languages, language families, a genus of a family, by specific grammatical or phonological point such as ‘tone’ languages and many more. Here is a screenshot with a sample of 200 languages.

Screen Shot 2016-11-29 at 17.35.11.png

Showcase event!

I can now confirm that the showcase event for my project will take place on the 28th March 2017 at the Dome, Bramall Music Building, University Of Birmingham. Watch this space as more details will follow.


The shape and acoustic of this fantastic space will have a really big impact. It also reminds me of Miquel Barcelo’s Dome at the Palace of Nations (UN Geneva headquarters)

InDialogue event

I am delighted to announce that I will be partaking in this event at Nottingham Contemporary in December to preview some of my work alongside a host of artists all using dialogue in their works. Today I met with artist Heather Connelly to discuss my involvement. Heather used translation as her field of study for her PhD thesis and among other things, is currently working on a project called Translation Zones. We are looking at the possibility of collaborating so that GlobalVoices’ concert in March is an event, with an exhibition and accompanying panel discussion. Stay tuned for more!

InDialogue: https://indialogue2014.wordpress.com/

GlobalVoices: Abstract

GlobalVoices is a multilingual choral project celebrating the role of Interpreters as facilitators in building a global community.

Forming my major project of my final year at Birmingham Conservatoire, I am composing music that documents and tells the story of the Interpreters at the UN, The Nuremberg Trials, the EU, InZone, the ICRC, NATO linguistic support and Court and Medical Interpreting. These people are both the linguistic and cultural bridges that connect nations to form global communities and dissolve barriers. Each choir member will sing in one of the 6 official languages of the UN, and the pieces will synthesise the languages with an ensemble and audio of Interpreters in action at meetings, and statements in all of the 24 languages of the EU. I am unpicking the babel and cacophony of voices, to celebrate and demonstrate how interpreting functions. There will be a concert in March 2017, and a subsequent recording to be released.